Lance Armstrong sold his villa in Austin

Lance Armstrong asegura vivir una vida cotidiana tranquila.

Lance Armstrong has sold his Mauritius luxury villas in the outskirts of Austin with the price of   2.370.000 to the Koehler, an agent of the oil and gas industry to cope with the demands of the newspaper ‘The Sunday Times‘ and of the insurance company SCA Promotions, which denounced the former cyclist until his confession made public.

The estate is valued at 7.6 million euros and the sale has been confirmed by the spokesman for Armstrong, Mark Higgins, who added that the Texan plans to continue living in Austin, where he has another House, in addition to properties in Spain and in the South of France.

Armstrong asked recently to a court in Texas who refused the demand of SCA Promotions, that tries to recover the nine billion euros which paid him believing that had fairly won seven Tours. In February also it became known that the United States Government intends to join the lawsuit for embezzlement of public money.


Indemnización por accidente de bicicleta

As it happens with accidents in motor vehicles and with pedestrians, bicycle accidents victims are entitled to compensation.

Provided that the victim of a bike accident is not responsible for it, it has the right to be compensated for the personal injury and property damage suffered because of the accident caused by a vehicle motor.

With respect to the injury, the compensation that can be claimed are varied. Thus, from small fractures and injuries to death, there is a wide range of personal injury for which compensation of varying amounts can claim. Injury very mild, for example some courts, they could claim around 1,200 euros, by varying this amount depending on the recovery time of the injury, the age of the victim, etc. On the other hand, in the case of more serious lesions, which leave permanent and disabling, sequels may claim compensation of more than 300,000 euros, varying depending on various factors of correction and attendant circumstances.

In addition to the previous compensation, the victim is entitled to charge for each day that an amount of 71,63 euros is hospitalized. Also, it shall be entitled to charge 58,24 EUR for each day that can not carry out his habitual activity concept of preventive low. And for every day that can play your usual activity, but has not fully cured, will be entitled to collect 31,34 euros, down not preventive.

On the other hand, it is entitled to collect a compensation covering the cost of bicycle repair. Also, if other material goods were damaged because of the accident (mobile phone, watch, glasses, etc.), you can also claim compensation for them. 

Aid and bicycle accidents

Sequelae of injuries in a bicycle accident are very spacious. In any case, the victims who are disabled for life to work, to carry out the most basic activities of life or that they die, they are more common than we would like to.

Either way, victims of bike accidents can have right to certain aid, if the consequences of his injuries are very serious. Thus, people who become great invalid, because of the accident may charge a non-contributory pension and certain AIDS (for assistance, pharmaceutical expenses, etc.).

Also, in the event of death of the victim, not only relatives may recover damages to compensate for their loss, but they also have the right to enter in the protection of the Social security system.

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A woman was injured then it will impact against a vehicle as it traveled, with two children, on a bicycle in the opposite direction, who lost part of his teeth strong impact.

The accident occurred yesterday at noon when Jaquelín Santis Cruz from 21 years of age, traveling on a bicycle along with two best of age, on a track in the opposite direction.

3 MUJER SIN DIENTES (1)In spite of this, when you reach the crossroads with a busy Avenue, it did not respect the signs and ended up impacting is against a pickup truck of luxury, where she and the best two fell to the pavement.

Santis Cruz as to who was driving the bike, was severely injured in the face, by which had paramedics of the Red Cross to meet it, who determined that it should be moved to the Integral Hospital.

According to the paramedics, his State of health was stable, however lost part of his teeth and needed to receive more comprehensive medical care in the hospital emergency department.

Meanwhile, Municipal roads officers arrived on the scene to address the accident, given that the vehicle, a pick-up truck Honda color cherry, with plates of DRX3917 circulation in the State of Chiapas, suffered damage to its bodywork.

Thus also bicycle where travelling three people suffered severe damage, so he had to take turns to an agent of the public prosecutor’s Office to be responsible for determining responsibility.

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Diet for cyclists

The high demand for cycling requires a diet balanced and controlled. Follow these tips to afford this activity taking full advantage.

The power of athletes is essential for good performance. It cycling is a very demanding sport, the cyclist must face rhythms sustained pedal for a long period of time, be able to raise and lower slopes and be able to perform sudden accelerations or sprints on each stage. The success of cyclists depends on its ability to endure all these demands. For this reason the diet of the cyclist made from best indonesian food singapore should consist of a balanced diet and control the energy expenditure, essential to maintain an optimal cycling activity.

The body of the rider, to maintain constant pedaling, using aerobic energy metabolism. The body is able to get energy to do the exercise in the presence of oxygen. Hence, the energy consumption of a cyclist is very high. It is very easy that it is incurred lower energy costs to calorie intakes, since physical exercise not always increases the appetite. Therefore, the rider should take appropriate nutrients paying attention to the amount of carbohydrates.

Daily feeding influences, significantly, the performance of the rider. A proper diet, in terms of quantity and quality, before, during and after the training is required for optimum performance. Also, should take into account, hydration, to avoid excessive loss of fluid and minerals.

Before the effort, the minimum period between the last meal and the practice of cycling It should be 3 hours, to avoid digestive problems and lack of energy. For this reason, you must take a not-very-heavy breakfast rich in carbohydrates, such as: fruits or dairy zuma, cereals, honey, water, ham, cheese, coffee last egg or you.

During the practice of cycling, They will feature opportunities for eating and drinking. During the competitions, meals, supplementation and hydration must plan during the race. The body will need more energy, so you need water and sugar for this reason, it is advised to take an energy drink every 15-20 minutes. Sports supplements are a way to easy to provide energy to the body, which most commonly used are, in addition to energy drinks, sports gels, bars them, concentrates or nutritional shakes, supplements of vitamins and minerals and electrolyte supplements.

Concentrates are more efficient that you energy bars them and is recommended consumption every hour, the difficulty or 30 minutes prior to arrival.

Once completed the effort, it can eat a milk or energy, a bar accompanied by an energy drink or sparkling water.

During the day, powers with some snack can be recovered as fruit juice, yogurt, bread, cereal or crackers dietary bars. At night, recommended the consumption of starches (rice, pasta or semolina), to meet the needs of carbohydrates, vegetables cooked or in salad, protein (120-150 grams of lean meat, fish or poultry, or croquettes) and a dairy.

The advice from a sports nutritionist can help the athlete to take good nutritional planning, that takes you to minimize risks and improve performance.

Pacific bicycle for disability

 The HandBike is one of the sports most practiced by people with disabilities. It basically consists of cycling with a specially adapted bicycle to be driven with the hands. Pedals are located at the height of the arms, and the user is comfortably seated in a seat that gives enough stability that they have two rear wheels.
The advantages of this sport are numerous. On the one hand it’s a very full year of all the upper part of the body and on the other hand is a sport that allows you to enjoy nature, be practiced in the company of friends with or without disabilities, and even many people arrive to compete. And it is that, don’t like who ride a bike?

In this story we want to tell you of a brand that just arrived in Spain, Pacific Cycles, and which is specialized in the manufacture of special bikes. And in particular we want to fix on a product that has drawn us much attention and is its Handy handbike. One of the main problems of the handbike are their prices, and it is that easily can cost us € 3000 a product of this type. However, there are a lot of people that want a bike to just do a little sport or take a walk calmly, without pretensions of competing. And it is here where fits perfectly the Handy, since it is probably one of the cheapest handbike in the market with a retail price recommended €1290.

The cell phone is ideal as a first bike model, to be introduced in the sport and for people who want a handbike to leisure time.
Among the technical features we can highlight its change NEXUS in 7 marches, which has the peculiarity that it’s an internal change in the bushing. Among the advantages of this change is that you can change in standing and 7 ° to 1 ° if desired, since it should not skip the chain.There is less chance of that coming off the chain, since there is a single sprocket and dish, the chain does not move. It is a development of the 244%, it is equivalent to a change of 2 dishes and 5 sprockets. In addition this change requires not just maintenance

With regard to brakes, say that it has two brakes for safety: one handle (typical v-brake) and one drum that can be operated by pedaling backward.

Of course, this bike is fully adjustable and is adapata to any size. You can:
-lengthen and shorten the chassis
-up and down the manual pedals
-Zoom in and out the seat
-adjust the inclination of the backrest
-Zoom in and out the reeposapies


These details make make it suitable also for children, since although they grow you can
grow bike, within certain parameters.

The bike weighs 17kg. and its chassis is made of aluminium 7005 T6

We come to another important point, which is its portability. Without tools, systems “Quick Release” can remove the rear wheels, seat and backrest. So it may be in medium-sized cars down the seats and is more or less flat. In addition, with tools you can split in half.

Accessories included are: bottle water, pennant holder, belt and safety packages.


And finally also highlight that there is available a version of high seat. Of course we are before a bike totally recommended to put us in this world without any complication, and at a reasonable price. If you are lack of budget, we can help you with benefits canada disability

In addition to the Handy, Pacific has two other special bikes models also will be marketed in Spain, the Micah and 2-Rider
Micah is a tricycle for children and adolescents with cerebral palsy.Facilitates a new way of moving, a mode of healthy and fun to gain independence, confidence and mobility.
2-Rider is a vehicle designed for two users pedal together. It is intended for mentally disabled that must be accompanied by a monitor.
Handy and Micah models are available starting in September, with a deadline of a week. Model 2-Rider will be available in 2015

Introducing the bike works

Bike Mechanic Wanted Ad

Cycling is fun and is a great way to travel. But for some people bicycle is more than a hobby or a form of transport-it is a job. Since the bicycle mechanic of the neighborhood or an urban bike glider, to the people who design their bicycle frames, there are many works related to bikes… but they are not so easy to find. Today we’re changing that.

To help you in your search for bicycle-related, are thrilled to announce a new feature of Ride the City: bike works ( jobs hiring near me). Bike works is a free service that lets you find (or list) a job that has something to do with bikes.Our goal is to provide you with a listing of works that anyone can use to find or list a career in the bike industry.

You can be thought, why create another listing of works service if companies like Monster and Craigslist have been doing for years? Our short answer is that none of these companies focuses on the bike. In those places, if you search the word “bicycle” as a search term to look for a job, the result can be a position at Harley Davidson. With bike works, we moderate each listing to make sure that the content is relevant.

Features include:

  1. You can search jobs by industry, country, State, or search term
  2. You can list positions or part-time or full-time internships
  3. Optional start/end dates allow you to control when the position is listed or when it expires (otherwise, the position expires in three months)
  4. You can enter the URL of the listing of jobs original (if it exists) to direct users to your own web site
  5. Did we mention it’s free? 100% free

We hope that bike works, has found an easy and practical instrument. Good luck in your search!

«Friendly» divorce for the cyclist Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong y su esposa Kristin , el pasado mes de julio
American Lance Armstrong, quintuple Tour de France winner, and his wife Kristin, decided to end their marriage of five years through a friendly divorce procedure. According to the cyclist, the couple separated soon after returning to Austin, Texas, from his Spanish home in Giron.
“We have a joint legal representation prepared by Divorce in Arizona, AZ for a friendly separation,” said Armstrong. “The most amazing thing is that we are closer and more friends than ever. We want a good relationship but not marriage,”he insisted. “It is an unfortunate situation but we are trying to extract the best for the good of our children ‘, estimated Meanwhile Kristin.

Cyclists, entrepreneurs and accounting

A business idea does not necessarily become a company that in a couple of years have to expand internationally to proceed. Neither the national territory.

Our way of doing business is local; want to do a community through the trade of downtown. A parcel service in Valladolid. It is a niche in a city of medium or large size.The aim is to add value by offering sustainable transport and provide more flexible vehicles in the vicinity of the city.

This is the vision that has guided Paul César Thyme, co-founder of  Great Bookkeeping Services Provider  , sustainable transport company. His business idea was not new; Nor is it unusual for a business aspires to be only locally. Nor that the city is considered as a niche business. Typically, the entrepreneur who thinks globally and acts locally and then wants to go sell to Germany.

Business is simple: has 3 tricycles, has a local store type and up to 3 lines of business . On the one hand, express mail; secondly, the last mile transport for medium and large companies messaging, and mobile advertising platform. No need nothing more.

Xiclo: Sustainable Urban Cast tricycle

One can speak of three bases of this business:

  1. Reduce energy consumption. Your business does not need fossil fuels, does not produce CO2 emissions, two of the main causes of the greenhouse effect and global warming.
  2. Not produce noise pollution.
  3. Not conflict parking. I alno have areas with loading and unloading times, not hinder anyone and always use the bike lane.

The business started with own resources, some training in accounting course and through a loan from Fondesva earmarked for social projects. Vu Tran Mai and Paul César Thyme bicimensajería created this company in Valladolid after doing a market survey and visit a sustainable transport company in San Sebastián, called Txita. A clear testimony that you can also take in Spain.

Presentation of cycling training software CycloSorties


cycling training softwareCycloSorties is a powerful software designed for the management and analysis of your training in cycling.

This ergonomic software is designed for all different cycling practices to help you advance in your cycling:

  • Cyclists and runners will analyze in detail their training and data thereof, to always improve.
  • Cyclists can keep track of their routes out using the points of interest, and make travel arrangements for cycling.

Presentation of training software modules CycloSorties

The bike CycloSorties software consists of different modules for cycling. You will find below a brief presentation of the majority of these modules.

Cyclists outputs

Cycling trips

This is the most useful module CycloSorties training software that enables you to record as much information about the trips made. You can also save favorite routes in order to avoid having to re-enter the information about this course. Distance, route, altitude
Other seizable but optional information is overstaffed: heart rate, HR zones to time, recovery, type of work, altitude, min / max altitude, weather conditions (wind, temperature), ranking if it is a test (general category) …
Depending on the type of output or cycling selected only the relevant fields are acessibles.


chrono coast

This software module allows you to record performances on a climb coast or neck. You can see the evolution of your climb performance of coastline in time, including an estimate of the power output to climb.

Against the clock

against the bike shows

This CycloSorties module lets you record performance on a type of course against the clock. You can see the evolution of your performance and the average speed against the cycling watch.

Analysis center

Analysis Centre

This is the most interesting module in view of progress in his cycling. Indeed it can analyze all the information you entered on your cycling output data: evolution of the average speed, distance or height difference per period, average speed per distance, type of work during outings, summarized by period .. .
It contains over 50 different analyzes to allow further study of the information you have entered. Most of these analyzes in graphs, some form of summary table.
You can also use the comparison analysis to see up to four analyzes together and analyze all the online data entry.

Planning cycling events

Scheduling events

This module lets you schedule events, and to define their importance. CycloSorties offers an overview of weeks of training to be made between these cycling events. You are free to follow this proposal or not, depending on your fitness level.

Planning objectives

Planning objectives

This module allows planning goals that you try to take in order to progress. For example you may want to perform 1200km over 1 month, or make a minimum average speed of 28km / h over 10 days …

Cycling Awards

Cycling Awards

This module allows to clearly see its cycling charts. But it also allows to see the delay on the first time and percentage if you have filled his time in the entry test. It also allows you to view a summary of podiums achieved  dameshorloges online.


Cycling dashboard

This module can display different summary information on your screen just after the launch of the software. Each cyclist is different, so you can customize it by choosing what to display and order of appearance.

Medical Information

Medical Information

This module allows to note its medical monitoring, whether the injury or illness, to consult and to know what form of state can be expected from his body. You may also note the dates vaccines for future reference.

Travel Arrangement

Bike Travel Preparation

This module allows to prepare a travel project, and enter all the information about this trip in the same window four areas: accommodation, cycle routes, places to visit, various. You can then export the document in Microsoft Word format.

Management expenses cyclists

Management velo budget

This module allows you to manage cyclists expenses. You can enter all your expenses, such as biking, new parts (pedals, forks …), new consumables (tires, rooms …) Cyclist (shirts, shorts …), costs or racing cyclosportives …

Road passes

List of European cols

This module allows to see information about more than 10,000 European collars and their variants: length, altitude, altitude of departure and arrival, average slope, and even profile!


Tools cyclists

This module contains various small cycling helpful tools calculate gear ratios and corresponding speeds, group data of heart rate, estimating a time of uphill climb, or calculating an intermediate average.



This module allows you to manage your equipment. CycloSorties can automatically affect equipment output entry. You can know the number of the output relays.

How to change the wheel bearing on a bike

Bearings Bicycle wheels are inside the wheel hub. Although they are easily accessible on the front wheels, you may need to remove the sprockets to access the rear wheel hub. If you ever changed a shaft bearing cup and cone style, you’ll note that there are many of the same steps followed in this process.


  1. Remove the wheel of the bicycle. Release the brake and opens the quick release clamp or use the 17 mm wrench to unscrew the nuts.

  2. If necessary, remove the freewheel or cassette.Usually, you can change the wheel bearings rear axle without removing the freewheel, but may be more difficult. If a cassette, you must remove it.View items Sheldon Brown on freewheels and cassettes for more information.

  3. Unscrew the nut and remove the washers, spacers and dust cover caps (if any) of one side of the axis (this is the thick tube and threaded through the wheel hub) using the key 15 or 17 mm.If you’re working on a rear wheel, remove the nut that is the side opposite the freewheel or cassette hub.

  4. Use the correct cone wrench to unscrew the cone axis size. Pulling the shaft out of the opposite side of the wheel. Hold the wheel upright when you withdraw the shaft, as some ball bearings can be dropped.

  5. Remove the ball bearings or vong bi on both sides of the shaft, place them in a cloth and count how many left each side. Clean them with a cloth and examine them in search of bumps or scratches. Discard all damaged bearings. Generally, the front wheels bearing use ten 3/16 inch (0.47 cm) on each side of the rear wheel hub and utilize nine 1/4 inch (0.63 cm) on each side.

  6. Clean glasses containing ball bearings (vong bi). Thoroughly coated inside with new grease. Use enough for ball bearing stays in place when installing the glass.

  7. Place the wheel on the ground with the hub side where you got the shaft upward. Place the correct number of bearings in the glass. Turn gently and carefully the wheel. If the bearings fall, adds more fat to keep them in place.

  8. Insert ball bearings in the other cup. Slide the rear axle in the hub in the same position as you get it.

  9. Cone screwed again on the shaft. When contact bearings, you must stop. And push the shaft rotates back and forth. If it moves, screw the cone further. When the bucket makes a slight squeak when turning the shaft, unscrew the cone a quarter turn and repeat until the noise stops and then unscrewed one quarter turn. This makes inevitably tighten the cone over again when you place spacers, washers and nuts, but without causing additional noise.

  10. Replace the spacer, washer and nut. Place the rear wheel of the bicycle.