Types of bicycles

Riding a bicycle is a fascinating activity with which you reduce stress, help you release endorphins and promote the proper functioning of your cardiovascular system, improve your lung capacity and control cholesterol levels in your blood; therefore you must know how to choose the right one, within the range of possibilities that you will find in the market.

Types of bicycles

The bicycle is one of the popular means of transport used by many people as part of their leisure activities, to get to their educational centers, work or simply the tool that allows them to become professional cyclists.

In a few words, it is a healthy, sustainable, ecological and economical vehicle; that can be used both in the city and in rural areas; for which different types of them have been created; such as those listed below:

  • Urban, you design efficiently with components that provide comfort to pedal within the city and move without difficulty to different locations; They have an extremely resistant bar that allows them to travel short or medium distances, going up and down speed bumps without experiencing damage.
  • Road, ideal for traveling on roads with its handlebars curved downwards and thin wheels; in turn, their frames are made of aluminum or carbon fiber, quite light. It is suitable for exercising, increasing your resistance or participating in a competition.
  • Triathlon and time trial, its design is aimed at increasing efficiency against the wind and to facilitate the change between just pedaling and running. They are aerodynamic and faster than those on the road; with aero handle that stays in a single position, while its user sits lower.
  • Mountain, especially for traveling irregular, rocky paths and mountain tops with some difficulty to be traveled. With this bike you ride without fear, due to the resistance of its frames, having challenged and high handlebars, which facilitates pedaling while keeping your torso semi-erect and your eyes straight ahead.
  • Folding, a vehicle that you can carry even when you ride the subway or any other means of transport; Your team is limited so your assembly process is quick and easy. They are not comfortable, resistant or fast but they are versatile for your daily routines.
  • BMX, for jumps and original acrobatics, on a bike that has 20-inch diameter wheels with which you can race by combining them with freestyle movements.
  • Paseo, which you can usually admire in streets, parks and outdoor spaces; they are unique in their style and ideal for short but very pleasant tours. They must be used on paved roads or urban bike paths; being comfortable especially for the width of its seat and the graduation of the height of its handlebar.
  • Hybrids, also known as comfort or fitness; because it is the ideal type of bicycle to ride upright. They are classified between road and mountain but today they are the best recommended for exercises to keep fit.
  • Track or circuit, designed to reach great speed; they are characterized by sharing the pinion attached to the rear wheel of the fixies and lacking a brake; reason why they must be used exclusively in closed circuits as is the case of the velodrome and the like.
  • Electric, the type of bicycle where technological evolution is marked; allowing the cyclist to pedal with the help of an electric motor. They are popularly identified as the E-bikes! Available both for routes, walks, climb the mountain or simply to move to your place of study or work. Without a doubt, they are very comfortable due to the fact that they complement pedaling.
  • Gravel, a bicycle classification based on the type of material used to make its frame; which ranges from aluminum to carbon. Depending on this, their price varies as well as their resistance, but in general they are ideal for cycling both on paved roads and off them.

You already know all the types of bicycles available commercially; Now you can choose the one that suits your particular demands and needs.

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