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Essential care that you must apply to your bicycle

Your bicycle is the equipment that allows you to practice one of the most beneficial sports disciplines for your health; In addition to representing being the means that facilitates you to participate in different competitions according to your professional level; which, on the other hand, suffers wear and tear on each of its components that can only be prevented thanks to its timely maintenance; for which we will let you know its essential care.

Why is it essential to maintain your bicycle?

To have a good performance of your bicycle, which will undoubtedly affect not only your training but also help you to move on it safely; you should take a few minutes to perform preventive maintenance.

There are three elements that you must consider in your bike, if you want it to maintain the conditions under which you purchased it and at the same time prolong its useful life; being them you lubricate their chain and transmissions, check the pressure of their tires and a good wash every so often.

All this added to the fact that you preferably store it in an area free of humidity and dust, are aspects that will favor its conservation and guarantee that it is always ready when you need it; to move in it without suffering accidents or unforeseen setbacks.

Essential bike care

Every owner of a bicycle must have the maintenance of this equipment as the indispensable tool for their training and participation in different competitions.

The care that should be given to this base is in different phases, some of them are simple and routine changes to be made after using it; while others are preventative measures to prolong its lifespan.

This maintenance must be carried out with some regularity so that you can make sure that it is free of any external agent that could hinder its movement; what you can do, taking into consideration the following precautions:

  • Placement of oils, being essential that you lubricate all the mobile elements, such as chain, pedals and more so that they generate the adequate friction; but before doing so, clean the residues present in said parts to prevent them from accumulating.
  • Make sure you always store your bike in places where it is not exposed to the elements; especially humidity or water, which quickly corrode its components.
  • Check the pressure of the tires, since when they lack air they tend to be damaged faster and even puncture. In addition, the amount of air that you must put on it will be determined by the type of terrain you will travel through or the activity you have in mind to carry out. Remember its braking capacity is also affected by the wear of the tire cover.
  • Check the general good condition of the bike, taking a few moments to observe from its chain to the brake cables.
  • Organize a kit of spare parts and tools to carry with you when embarking on any route; since with them you will solve unforeseen problems on the go.
  • Every time you return from a journey, especially if it is long; do not forget to check the conditions of all the components of this sports equipment; cleaning them thoroughly to remove dust, dirt or any other object that has become entangled in their wheels and thus guarantee that they will not affect their structure.

If you use the bicycle for a simple training, only a superficial cleaning will be enough; but after complex competitions, you should take pains to inspect your vehicle thoroughly, provide lubrication if required or change any component that is in poor condition.

It is extremely vital to check the condition of the brakes and tires; especially when you fall into potholes when moving or if you traveled through rough terrain, as they can be subject to essential damage that will put your life at risk during your next outing.