How to start cycling?

Practicing cycling represents an activity that through pedaling activates your immune system, burns fat and adds many other benefits to preserve the health of your body; Discover through reading this post, how to get started in this sport and thus improve your blood flow, strengthen your muscles, increase your lung capacity and much more.

What is cycling?

It is more than a sport, since it is the activity that takes place on board a bicycle; either following a specific modality or simply giving fun pedaling thanks to which you condition your body and keep deutsche pornos  diseases away from your body.

In other words, then start cycling as an athlete and participate in different competitions, for which you need to cover a certain distance in the shortest possible time or if you do not prefer to adopt this activity to maintain your capacity, skills and abilities at the top; promoting the proper functioning of your body.

Cycling as a sport

When you decide to be part of the world of sports as a cyclist; You should know that it is a hard pornolar and demanding activity; since it requires the application of force and resistance.

On the other hand, it is one of the disciplines that provides the greatest benefits for our health, because after its practice motor coordination is improved, bones, joints and muscles are strengthened; the risk of having a herniated disc is reduced, aerobic capacity is increased and they contribute to the strengthening of the entire immune system.

How to start cycling?

If you are interested in being a cyclist and making the most of all the advantages that this sporting discipline will bring you, take into consideration the recommendations that we leave you to start off on the right foot:

Choosing the right bike

Before starting cycling you will need a good bicycle, which you should choose lesbenporno depending on the type of activity you will practice, whether it is on the road, in the mountains or in the city.

In turn, it is a priority that you choose the equipment according to your physical conditions, especially in terms of height, weight and size; in addition to any other additional complement that is favorable to you, such as speed change, brake system, type of tires, among some others.

Purchase cycling clothing

To advance in this sport you will need comfort, finding milf lesben a jersey with an ergonomic cut that, when adjusted to your body, will offer you freedom of movement, as well as being breathable.

To this you must add fine and comfortable tailored gloves, helmet, sunglasses and any other accessory that always keeps you cool and comfortable; especially suitable for each of the seasons both in summer and in winter.

Preparation before starting your route

It is important that you take a few minutes to warm up your body before getting on the bike; To do this, stretch for approximately 15 minutes, otherwise you will not be able to endure this sporting activity for a long time and, even worse, you can cause injuries to your muscles when pedaling in the cold.

Follow simple paths

All good cyclists begin their careers by first following simple routes of approximately 30 minutes; those that increase progressively as their capacity and resistance increases; thus reaching 60 and more without the need to take any breaks.

Remember that as you advance in your level of training, you can demand more from your body without causing physical injury.

Time your performance

To improve your resistance you must keep a precise control of the number of pedal strokes you make; being for example those carried out by professional cyclists, around 100 per minute.

Also have a chest heart rate monitor; to monitor your heart rate throughout the duration of your activity as well as the level of your heart rate. Always maintaining adequate hydration to provide you with the greatest resistance.

When starting to practice cycling you should not overlook each of these recommendations and also if you want to get results, you will need to be constant in each of your training routines.

Types of bicycles

Riding a bicycle is a fascinating activity with which you reduce stress, help you release endorphins and promote the proper functioning of your cardiovascular system, improve your lung capacity and control cholesterol levels in your blood; therefore you must know how to choose the right one, within the range of possibilities that you will find in the market.

Types of bicycles

The bicycle is one of the popular means of transport used by many people as part of their leisure activities, to get to their educational centers, work or simply the tool that allows them to become professional cyclists.

In a few words, it is a healthy, sustainable, ecological and economical vehicle; that can be used both in the city and in rural areas; for which different types of them have been created; such as those listed below:

  • Urban, you design efficiently with components that provide comfort to pedal within the city and move without difficulty to different locations; They have an extremely resistant bar that allows them to travel short or medium distances, going up and down speed bumps without experiencing damage.
  • Road, ideal for traveling on roads with its handlebars curved downwards and thin wheels; in turn, their frames are made of aluminum or carbon fiber, quite light. It is suitable for exercising, increasing your resistance or participating in a competition.
  • Triathlon and time trial, its design is aimed at increasing efficiency against the wind and to facilitate the change between just pedaling and running. They are aerodynamic and faster than those on the road; with aero handle that stays in a single position, while its user sits lower.
  • Mountain, especially for traveling irregular, rocky paths and mountain tops with some difficulty to be traveled. With this bike you ride without fear, due to the resistance of its frames, having challenged and high handlebars, which facilitates pedaling while keeping your torso semi-erect and your eyes straight ahead.
  • Folding, a vehicle that you can carry even when you ride the subway or any other means of transport; Your team is limited so your assembly process is quick and easy. They are not comfortable, resistant or fast but they are versatile for your daily routines.
  • BMX, for jumps and original acrobatics, on a bike that has 20-inch diameter wheels with which you can race by combining them with freestyle movements.
  • Paseo, which you can usually admire in streets, parks and outdoor spaces; they are unique in their style and ideal for short but very pleasant tours. They must be used on paved roads or urban bike paths; being comfortable especially for the width of its seat and the graduation of the height of its handlebar.
  • Hybrids, also known as comfort or fitness; because it is the ideal type of bicycle to ride upright. They are classified between road and mountain but today they are the best recommended for exercises to keep fit.
  • Track or circuit, designed to reach great speed; they are characterized by sharing the pinion attached to the rear wheel of the fixies and lacking a brake; reason why they must be used exclusively in closed circuits as is the case of the velodrome and the like.
  • Electric, the type of bicycle where technological evolution is marked; allowing the cyclist to pedal with the help of an electric motor. They are popularly identified as the E-bikes! Available both for routes, walks, climb the mountain or simply to move to your place of study or work. Without a doubt, they are very comfortable due to the fact that they complement pedaling.
  • Gravel, a bicycle classification based on the type of material used to make its frame; which ranges from aluminum to carbon. Depending on this, their price varies as well as their resistance, but in general they are ideal for cycling both on paved roads and off them.

You already know all the types of bicycles available commercially; Now you can choose the one that suits your particular demands and needs.

Cycling sports events

Sports have been competitive events developed in the world throughout the ages; considering that a first appearance of cycling the event that dates back to the year of 1817, when in Germany a tour was made on this vehicle; identifying it as “Running machine” but years later is when its official competitions really start.

Brief history of cycling

The history of cycling as a sporting event practically begins in the year 1870 in Italy; where one of its first official competitions is held; however it is considered that based on historical testimonies its creation dates back to the times of ancient Egypt and China.

During this first event, a 33-kilometer route is made through a route from Florence to Pistoia, which was won by the American Rynner van Neste.

This paved the way for a whole series of competitions around the world; which led to many athletes dedicating themselves to cycling as a sporting activity; while for the 20th century these types of races were already official, which are divided into stages to provide them with more sections and different routes to travel.

Cycling sporting events

Cycling as a competitive sport has been included in important events; for being a category that stands out from many others and delight the fans with its exhibitions.

For this reason, the cycling championships that move the most emotions are precisely those that we mention below, which in turn are part of what is known as the Grand Tours:

Tour de France or Le Tour de France

Event that takes place throughout the French territory, since 1903, it is the oldest and most interesting cycling race in the world. She was awarded the Prince of Asturias award for sports in 2003.

Some of the award-winning athletes at this event have been Bernard Hinault, Miguel Indurain, Eddy Merckx and Jacques Anquetil; in addition to other immortal stars of this discipline such as Geraint Thomas, Gino Bartali and Fausto Coppi.

Italy spin

A competition that takes place within the Italian geography, giving rise to great champions who have offered all the fans contests without losing their cordial relationship.

These are Coppi and Bartali; who have left their mark on the world of cycling as eternal champions, along with other well-known figures such as Eddy Merckx, Alfredo Blinda and the current winner Chris froome.

The tour of Italy takes place in stages lasting three weeks, which are held during the month of May of each year; whose route is changed to make it more pleasant and striking.

The first of this type of competition took place in 1909 in the city of Milan, with 8 stages and a distance of 2,448 kilometers. The rider with the highest number of victories in this stage category is Mario Cipollini, with a total of 42.

Back to Spain

The third of the Grand Tours is that of Spain; popularly known as “La Vuelta” and one of the professional cycling races with which you can enjoy the wonderful Spanish geography.

It takes place during the month of August and mid-September of each year; starting from the year 1935 and suspended on four different occasions due to circumstances such as wars or the bad economic situation.

Win this cycling sports event; athletes who obtain 720 points with which they enter the Cycling Hall of Fame.

The most successful cyclist to date is Roberto Heras; however, competitors such as the current British national champion Simón Yates, Alejandro Valverde, Nairo Quintana, Alberto Contador, Fabio Aru among some others have stood out.

If cycling is a sport that you are as passionate about as we are, we invite you to read the other articles that are already published in the blog section and contain information that will surely be of interest to you. Don’t miss them.

Essential care that you must apply to your bicycle

Your bicycle is the equipment that allows you to practice one of the most beneficial sports disciplines for your health; In addition to representing being the means that facilitates you to participate in different competitions according to your professional level; which, on the other hand, suffers wear and tear on each of its components that can only be prevented thanks to its timely maintenance; for which we will let you know its essential care.

Why is it essential to maintain your bicycle?

To have a good performance of your bicycle, which will undoubtedly affect not only your training but also help you to move on it safely; you should take a few minutes to perform preventive maintenance.

There are three elements that you must consider in your bike, if you want it to maintain the conditions under which you purchased it and at the same time prolong its useful life; being them you lubricate their chain and transmissions, check the pressure of their tires and a good wash every so often.

All this added to the fact that you preferably store it in an area free of humidity and dust, are aspects that will favor its conservation and guarantee that it is always ready when you need it; to move in it without suffering accidents or unforeseen setbacks.

Essential bike care

Every owner of a bicycle must have the maintenance of this equipment as the indispensable tool for their training and participation in different competitions.

The care that should be given to this base is in different phases, some of them are simple and routine changes to be made after using it; while others are preventative measures to prolong its lifespan.

This maintenance must be carried out with some regularity so that you can make sure that it is free of any external agent that could hinder its movement; what you can do, taking into consideration the following precautions:

  • Placement of oils, being essential that you lubricate all the mobile elements, such as chain, pedals and more so that they generate the adequate friction; but before doing so, clean the residues present in said parts to prevent them from accumulating.
  • Make sure you always store your bike in places where it is not exposed to the elements; especially humidity or water, which quickly corrode its components.
  • Check the pressure of the tires, since when they lack air they tend to be damaged faster and even puncture. In addition, the amount of air that you must put on it will be determined by the type of terrain you will travel through or the activity you have in mind to carry out. Remember its braking capacity is also affected by the wear of the tire cover.
  • Check the general good condition of the bike, taking a few moments to observe from its chain to the brake cables.
  • Organize a kit of spare parts and tools to carry with you when embarking on any route; since with them you will solve unforeseen problems on the go.
  • Every time you return from a journey, especially if it is long; do not forget to check the conditions of all the components of this sports equipment; cleaning them thoroughly to remove dust, dirt or any other object that has become entangled in their wheels and thus guarantee that they will not affect their structure.

If you use the bicycle for a simple training, only a superficial cleaning will be enough; but after complex competitions, you should take pains to inspect your vehicle thoroughly, provide lubrication if required or change any component that is in poor condition.

It is extremely vital to check the condition of the brakes and tires; especially when you fall into potholes when moving or if you traveled through rough terrain, as they can be subject to essential damage that will put your life at risk during your next outing.